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10 Best Healthy Eating Food Blogs

Foods blogs have taken the art of food to an entirely new level. In generations past, people had to watch Julia Child on TV or go out to a gourmet restaurant if they wanted to experience the refined food. Today celebrity chefs are all over the television screen and in local communities around the country promoting their own styles of cuisine.

With all of these choices it can make healthier eating both easier and harder. Websites like Pinterest can make all the decadent foods look too good to pass up, but healthy food bloggers are creating a new culture of healthy eating on their own platforms. And the easy-to-follow instructions and delectable pictures make healthy cuisine look as attractive as anything else.

Knowing where to start is the first part of the battle. How do you slog through all the possible food blogs to find the right ones for you, your family, and your dietary needs? Here at Holistic Pain, we have some favorite food blogs that can help you get started. Favorite these in your browser or save them to your smart phone to have access to them any time you need healthy food inspiration.

Holistic Pain’s Favorite Food Blogs

  1. A Couple Cooks: This husband and wife writer/photographer team has created a delectable blog about healthy eating by creating easy-to-follow recipes and pairing them with magazine-worthy photographs. They stick to healthy food choices like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats to develop recipes that the home cook can duplicate. The blog started with their own exploration into healthier eating and cutting out processed foods and blossomed into a great resource for others.
  2. Kiss My Wellness: Amy Kobos is a firecracker. She challenges the very notions of what it means to be healthy and encourages everyone to find their own path towards wellness. Her blog is more than just recipes but the ones she includes are full of wholesome goodness. She also provides a number of resources including how to tackle a grocery shopping trip with healthy food in mind.
  3. Sprouted Kitchen: With a focus on whole foods, this blog likes to take seasonal foods and make them in to master works of healthy recipes. Featuring not only descriptive blog posts, the Spouted Kitchen also showcases the photography and writing of this husband and wife duo. Sara, the primary blogger, doesn’t try to cram just one type of diet into her writing. She just tries to eat fresh food and turn them into simple, easy to follow recipes. She admits to occasionally throwing in some indulgences to temp the taste buds as well.
  4. My New Roots: In the blogosphere for seven years, Sarah is dedicated to showcasing the healthy and holistic recipes that she develops in her own kitchen. She loves whole foods and a plant-based diet and wants to share her passion with her readers. Her background is in holistic nutrition so she demonstrates how integrating the entire person (mind, body, and spirit) into a healthy diet is extremely important to maintaining balance. Sarah doesn’t like labels and in spite of a primarily vegan diet occasionally eats cheeses, eggs, and fresh caught fish.
  5. Oh She Glows: Another vegan blogger, Angela, has one of the best food blogs we have seen anywhere. Not only does she prepare all vegan foods but also labels recipes based on their dietary category such as gluten-free. This award winning blog has been cataloging recipes for five years. She also released her first cookbook in March of this year. Angela began her blog after a long battle with an eating disorder and uses it now to showcase how a healthy relationship with food can really enhance our lives. She is an entirely self-taught home cook who also learned how to photograph her own creations.
  6. The Year in Food: Combining seasonal foods with a passion for travel, this blog creates amazing recipes that reflect the right ingredients for specific times of the year. Blogger Kimberly has also entered the cookbook writing arena. Not only does she showcase healthy seasonal meals but also offers some fun cocktail and non-alcoholic drink recipes that are enough to make anyone excited. Her guide to seasonal food can help anyone determine the best recipes for the foods available that time of year and we love that she incorporates holiday-themed recipes for creating amazing dinner parties. If cooking with the seasons is important to you, this is the perfect resource.
  7. Picky Eater: Blogger Anjali’s primary goal when developing her blog was to create healthy recipes that her picky husband would also love. She prides herself on showcasing foods that “normal” people will like even though they are very wholesome and healthy. She considers herself a different sort of picky eater: one who is very careful to eat only the healthiest foods. She is a home chef with no formal training, just a childhood of organic and whole grain eating as her inspiration. What we love about Anjali’s blog is the home-cooked spirit of it with a family photo vibe.
  8. Hungry Girl: No exploration of healthy food blogs would be complete without at least mentioning one of the blogs that started it all. Hungry Girl was many people’s first exposure to healthy eating blogs. The philosophy was to take comfort food and indulgence recipes and transform them into something healthy but still accessible to most eaters. This simple blog has since grown into a brand that has spawned cookbooks, television shows, and other products. The recipes that she puts on her blog are still the gold standard for many health conscious households.
  9. Deliciously Organic: Blogger Carrie brings some practicality to her organic eating blog to show how the right holistic approach to diet has helped her with her battle of Hashimoto’s disease, chronic migraines, IBS, and eczema. At Holistic Pain we pride ourselves on being able to suggest foods that can help with chronic illnesses and help reduce the dependence on harmful drugs and invasive treatments. Carrie’s blog is a perfect example of how a balanced diet can make a big change in someone’s life.
  10. Insider Wellness: Singles and couples without children are often left out of the health food arena. Smaller portion recipes just aren’t available to them. This was the inspiration behind Samantha’s website and blog. She offers ways to reduce the portions of foods without complicated math formulas or having so many left overs that you can’t fit an ice cube tray in your freezer. She has a passion for healthy living and organic eating that translates to the recipes she provides on her website. She can also help small households create right-sized meal plans.

We want to hear from you. What are your favorite healthy eating blogs?

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    We just compiled an awards list of the Top 50 Healthy Food Blogs (I think all of the ones you mentioned also made this expanded list!)


    There are a bunch in here that often fly under the radar – these might be worth checking out 🙂

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