Since back pain is one of the most widespread pain conditions in the world, it should be no surprise that there are a lot of devices and products designed to help manage back pain. More devices are being designed and tested every day.

Kickstarter is a website that allows people to fund projects, so that creators of these projects can bring their ideas to fruition while still maintaining full ownership. Projects on Kickstarter can be anything from films to public installations to publications. You can pledge money to any project you believe in. Most projects have different levels of pledges, with increasingly valuable rewards for higher amounts of pledges. For instance, a smaller pledge might get you a keychain, while a larger pledge might get you a sweatshirt.

Additionally, there are many devices on Kickstarter that might be able to help with mild to moderate levels of back pain. The devices themselves are typically available as the reward for one of the pledge levels. We’ve put together a list of a few of these.

1. The ARC

The ARC is a small, arc-shaped device that helps keep the spine in the correct position while sitting. This product looks extremely versatile, even coming in two different sizes. You can position the ARC near the mid-back when you’re sitting to encourage good posture and relieve soreness and tension. Because the ARC is small and easy to reposition and carry around, you can take it with you to work, in the car, at home, or anywhere else. You can also position the ARC under your neck while lying flat on your back. This, according to the ARC’s creators, will realign the entire spine. The ARC is available through Kickstarter.

2. The BetterBack

This device helps your body maintain a healthy posture when sitting. It consists of a small cushion with long straps that go over your knees. By placing the cushion on your mid- to lower-back and looping the adjustable straps over your knees, it pulls the spine into a comfortable, properly-aligned position. This device has the benefit of working even when you’re sitting somewhere without a seat back, like the bleachers at a sporting event. It’s available through Kickstarter or through their website.

3. The Backboard

This device, too, focuses on helping your spine keep its natural healthy curvature, so you don’t slump when you sit. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around, and installing it is as easy as sliding it between your back and the back of your chair. Also, the Backboard is flexible enough that you can adjust how straight or curved it is. This means that you can adjust its curvature until you find the most comfortable position for your back. The Backboard comes in several colors, and you can even get a sleeve with pockets to insert hot or cold packs. The Backboard is available through their Kickstarter.

4. The Bacrac

This product, designed by an osteopathic practitioner, looks rather like a section of spine. It was designed to help support the back while doing pain-relieving exercises. While lying on the floor, the Bacrac is positioned at the lower back. When you shift your bent knees side to side, the Bacrac aligns, mobilizes, and decompresses the spine. The Bacrac’s campaign page has a demonstration video to show you how to use it correctly. Also, its length is adjustable, so you can alter it to fit your body. Another fun feature of the Bacrac: you get to choose from an assortment of colors. The Bacrac is available through their Kickstarter or by preorder here.

5. The VacuPractor

This device is also used while stretching to help align the spine. The difference between this device and others, according to its creator, is the suction. The VacuPractor creates suction between the device and your back, and then it gently pulls to bring your spine into the correct position. To see how it works, watch demo animation on the VacuPractor’s Kickstarter page. According to one user, this device doesn’t completely replace his chiropractor, but it helps him get by between visits. You can get the VacuPractor through Kickstarter.

6. The Spand-Ice Revive Tank

The Spand-Ice looks a bit like a vest. It has pockets sewn in where you can insert heating or cooling packs. Its creator explains in the videos on its Kickstarter page that she used to have to spend a lot of time lying down to ice her back, so she created the Spand-Ice. With two pockets on the back, you can insert a thermal pack (hot or cold, whichever you prefer), put on the Spand-Ice, and go about your day. The Spand-Ice is small and discreet enough that it can be worn underneath your clothes, and it comes with reusable thermal packs and an adjustable compression strap. It’s available from size small to XXL. You can get the Spand-Ice through Kickstarter or through their website.

When considering these products, ask a physician or therapist before trying them out – especially if you have severe pain. If you get one of these (or any other) device from Kickstarter, use it carefully and for short periods when you first get it. If you have any doubts, show it to your physician and ask his or her opinion.

If you try out one of these devices and it works like a charm, let us know in the comments.

Have you found relief from back pain with a device from Kickstarter?

Image by Kuma Tai via Flickr


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