Nutrition is an ever-changing field with more information than is possible to take in, but some research on the best practices is important. Below we have a few great healthy eating resources to get you started.


Andrew Weil is a noted practitioner of holistic medicine that is rooted in solid scientific evidence and practice. His focus is on treating the whole person, not just the symptoms of disease. He bases his recommendations on utilizing Western medicine to diagnose and then incorporating alternative therapies and treatments such as diet, herbal remedies, and meditation to treat the condition. He has been featured on Time magazine’s cover twice, and his books have sold ten million copies. His website and blog feature recipes, articles, and other tools for gathering nutrition information.

Dr. Mehmet Öz got his start as Oprah’s go-to guru on health and healing. His explanations and plain way of speaking helped people to open up about what ailed them. Dr. Oz has debunked diet myths and written articles and books to explain the scientific processes in the body. Trained as a cardiovascular surgeon, he is also interested in matters pertaining to health and nutrition and is the founder of the nonprofit organization HealthCorps, an organization that places college graduates in high schools for two years to teach about health, nutrition, and fitness.

Dr. Dean Ornish is a Harvard graduate who is known for his lifestyle approach to coronary artery disease (CAD). He is the founder and president of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute in California. He is the leader in research on the effects of lifestyle changes on CAD, specifically eating whole foods, exercising, and practicing stress management techniques, including yoga and meditation. Dr. Ornish has written books on reversing CAD and was recognized by LIFE magazine as one of the most influential leaders of his generation.


Nutrition Blog Network is a gathering of blogs maintained by a variety of dieticians. The content varies widely from weight loss to recipes to general advice on nutrition, and you can search for the content that you want easily.

Healthy Eater is a plain-talking blog that dives into the emotional side of nutrition as much as the practical side; Dan Bolton curates entries that deal with why we struggle with food and healthy eating at times and offers solutions and a shoulder.

Food Politics is the blog of Marion Nestle, the nutrition professor who was featured in the documentary Supersize Me!. In her blog, Dr. Nestle dissects the political side of eating, looking at the darker side of advertising and manipulation of the information given to consumers.

For luscious, whole foods recipes and beautiful food photography, visit The Sprouted Kitchen, Sara Forte’s lovely blog. The writing and the food is gorgeous and worth subscribing to!

Forks Over Knives introduced the possibility of veganism via a very popular movie and turned that into a movement with their website.  The film features respected doctors and research studies illuminating the benefits of a plant-based diet in preventing, controlling, and even reversing chronic illness such as diabetes and coronary artery disease. Featuring articles, recipes, research, and links to local speakers, the website is an excellent resource to explore the possibility of going vegan!

These resources should help you get started in learning about better nutrition; what other areas of nutrition and healthy living are you interested in exploring?

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