At Holistic Pain, we like to refer our readers to other resources that can help them lead more balanced lives. One of our favorite food blogs is Deliciously Organic. The site was started by Carrie who struggled with her own pain issues and used a balanced diet to restore her health.

After the birth of her second child, Carrie began experiencing debilitating migraines. She had the occasional migraine after her first pregnancy but didn’t concern herself with the long-term effects. It wasn’t until the pain became unbearable, especially while caring for her two young children, that she realized she needed help. She began, like many of us, with traditional medical treatments, including major pain drugs. The medications weren’t entirely effective so she started to think there must be another solution. At the very end of her proverbial rope, she wondered if completely changing the way she ate made any difference in her suffering.

Her first step was to replace much of what she was already eating with organic options. With this one minor change she saw a significant reduction in her migraine pain. This revelation launched Carrie into full research mode and soon she was making huge modifications in her family’s entire diet.

However, there was still one major barrier to her family’s new food experience. While she had successfully switched all of the ingredients in her pantry and refrigerator over to organic, non-processed foods it still wasn’t delicious. It was hard to transition to these new flavors from what they had already known. And for a family that loved food, this could prove to be insurmountable.

So, Carrie needed to look for sources that could make this new food not only palatable but also irresistible. She took inspiration from her Cajun heritage and family of cooks. Her goal was to create high-end but easy-to-follow recipes using these new, wholesome foods.

This exploration gave her an opportunity to share her story with friends and family. Soon, she wanted to get the message out. She taught cooking classes from home and eventually created the Deliciously Organic blog.

Today Deliciously Organic catalogs easy to make at home recipes using fresh and organic ingredients. She encourages individuals and families to take the changes slowly and to use some of the resources she provides on her introduction page, including her two published cookbooks. She updates the blog twice weekly and includes a variety of meal options for each mealtime as well as seasonal dishes that take advantage of the freshest ingredients all year round.

Our favorite Deliciously Organic posts

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite posts and recipes:

  • Gingerbread houses and men: Who doesn’t love to build a gingerbread house during the holiday season? It can be difficult, though, with grain sensitivity or the need to stay away from too much sugar. Deliciously Organic offers this option for families to cook up some gingerbread men and make icing to decorate them.
  • Her struggle with Hashimoto’s Disease: Carrie’s experience is very real. She herself was dealing with not only chronic migraine headaches but had, over time, developed other painful conditions. One such condition was the thyroid disorder known as Hashimoto’s Disease. It took some time for the condition to be diagnosed and it had been caused by the removal of an old dental filling. Even after being told it was impossible to reverse the condition, Carrie is confident that her organic and grain-free diet helped stop the effects of the disease on her body.
  • Slow cooker pot roast: This time of year we all crave comforting winter foods like a hearty stew or pot roast. When we were kids our moms probably made gravy laden with white flour, but while that was delicious, it wasn’t very healthy. Deliciously Organic proves that even comfort food doesn’t need to be unhealthy. This rich pot roast meal with all the traditional fixings can be made easily in a slow cooker and can feed the entire family.
  • Vitamin D: We talk a lot about nutrition and supplements here on our blog. We were pleased when Deliciously Organic published a guest post discussing the importance of vitamin D back in June. The post goes into great detail about the nutrient and popular misconceptions. It also discusses food sources and how to add more of it into your diet naturally.
  • Flavored water: We talk to so many people who don’t stay well-hydrated. One of the common complaints is that they simply don’t like the taste of plain water. While this is difficult for some of us to comprehend, we have to accept it at face value. Unfortunately, sugary sports drinks and sodas don’t provide the right nutritional balance. Carrie’s solution: water infusions. In this blog post she provides 15 possible options that are sure to please even the most discriminating palates.
  • Pad Thai: Thai food is a favorite but it isn’t always the healthiest choice. Rather than calling that Thai take-out place in your neighborhood, try making this grain free version of the classic Pad Thai recipe. Carrie says the recipe requires a little additional prep time but the actual cooking only takes a few minutes.
  • The truth about detox: The idea of a “detox” has been popular for the last few years. There are limitless detox diets and instructions available on the internet, but that doesn’t mean all of them are good, safe, or healthy. Deliciously Organic shares some important information about the difference between a detox and a cleanse, the right way to go about the process, and what to avoid. It is important to ignore the hype and approach this option in the safest way possible.

We love Carrie’s vibrant approach to life and the way in which she champions an organic diet that quite literally saved her life. Her need to provide positive information and delicious organic recipes is refreshing. We encourage you to peruse the entire site and see what information you can glean from her experience.

What are your favorite organic food blogs?

Image by Tim Psyche via Flickr


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