And nope, that isn’t a typo. While we think it is one of the greatest, we really do mean The Greatist. This website features the tagline, “Being healthy doesn’t have to suck.” The idea behind The Greatist is that health will mean different things to different people and what it means to you is most important.

So what do they mean by “greatist?” Here is the definition in the site’s own words:

“A greatist is someone who chooses healthy because they want to. In other words, you don’t have to be the greatest and perfect all the time, but instead, be a greatist and make healthy choices some of the time, when you want, and because they make you feel good. We find that’s the only way you’ll actually stick with them! Because it’s not about the choices you make, but why you make them.”

The Greatist website is made up of a team of employees, contributors, and experts who choose healthy lifestyles and can bring their experiences, humor, and dedication to you through the share-worthy content they provide. The website also encourages community interaction by asking readers to share their favorite healthy ideas and take them to social media using the hashtag #greatist.

Because of the wide variety of voices on the site, the Greatist doesn’t come across as useful to only one person, or only one category of people. There is information and insight that can be helpful to everyone no matter where they are in their current quest for better health. So you don’t like the gym? That’s fine. The Greatist will help you find something that you do like. It is all about customized and individualized health plans. You can pick and choose parts from all around the site that work best for you and your health profile.

Each day the site features “5 things to make today a little bit more awesome.” No matter which day of the week you check the site, these ideas will be different and will give you daily inspiration. They could be a video that can motivate you, or an article about healthy eating. They could be a fun way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. You just don’t know unless you check the site each day. During the holiday season, it featured a holiday survival guide with suggestions on keeping up with your exercise routines and how not to give in to all the temptation of unhealthy foods.

Our favorite Greatist posts 

We also love the healthy recipe section. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Healthier peppermint: Really? Did we just say that? Yes, we sure did. Heathy winter treats don’t have to be bland and tasteless. This blog post includes nine different peppermint dessert recipes that are sure to keep you satisfied through the cold winter. You could whip up some peppermint mochas in the crock pot or peppermint bark popcorn.
  • Thirty-six tacos: Yes, that’s right. The blog also catalogs not one or two but thirty-six possible taco combinations that are satisfying and healthier than going out to the local Mexican restaurant. A taco is merely a vessel and it doesn’t need to be fat filled and calorie rich. Use fresh ingredients to create tasty combinations like roasted portabella mushroom tacos or veggie breakfast tacos. There are entire sections of the list dedicated to seafood, meats, and other possible fillings.
  • Mashed potatoes: I’m sure everyone’s told you that the mashed, white potato isn’t a healthy choice but that doesn’t mean it can’t make an excellent base for a healthier option. Plus, depriving yourself of the comfort of mashed potatoes may only make you binge on it more. The site shares nine new twists on the old classic dish. Leave out the butter and cream and use other flavorful ingredients like horseradish. You can also skip the potatoes all together and try the mashed cauliflower recipes.
  • Veggie noodles: A gluten-free diet can feel like a chore when you are dealing with gluten sensitivity or a disorder like Celiac’s disease. While great strides have been made in pre-packaged gluten-free pastas they still aren’t the same. So why try to replicate the ingredient when you can replace it with something different and delicious? This blog post catalogs five recipes that taste like you hope.
  • Easy soups: Soup is a favorite for lunch or dinner during the long, cold winter. While cracking open a can is easy, it is also a great way to overdo unhealthy sodium, among other things. If you really don’t want to take the time to make a complicated soup from scratch this blog post describes thirty soup options for the kitchen-impaired. They give options from chowders to bisques. They even have an entire section of the post dedicated to soups that promote health and healing.

But The Greatist site is about more than just recipes. Here are some features we love from the other areas of the site:

  • Move: This section provides ideas for exercise motivation. They give ideas for making the most of the gym and even these underutilized exercise tools that can help. The gym isn’t for everyone but there is something out there that will make you happy and engaged. The key is to find that thing and do it.
  • Play: At Holistic Pain we understand and want to pass on that health and wellness isn’t just one aspect of your life. In order to have a healthy balance you need to take care of every part of you. The Greatist also understands that. This section offers tips on dating, traveling, and even healthy drinking. They also caution that a little goes a long way, so be responsible.
  • Grow: Healthy living isn’t a one-time change. It is a lifestyle that needs to continue to grow and develop. The whole site is peppered with ideas to keep you learning and engaged like this post about how to understand blood tests.
  • Connect: We don’t live on this planet alone. Connecting with other, like-minded people can be essential for maintaining a community of support that can help you stay on track and be happy and healthy. They even demonstrate how Facebook has changed the way we engage with each other.

We are always looking for new reading materials: what are your favorite healthy lifestyle websites?

Image by Scott Ableman via Flickr


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