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6 Ways To Protect The Aging Brain

Our culture likes to pretend as though aging doesn’t happen. We glorify youth with billion dollar industries that help aging people look and feel younger again. But aging is a natural progression of the body and while you can’t, and we would argue shouldn’t, reverse it you can take steps

Aging In Community

Chronic pain is a big problem for many aging older adults. While some conditions, such as arthritis, can be experienced by people of any age they are commonly associated with the natural aging process and the wear and tear on the body over time. A Gallup poll suggests that pain

7 Healthy Supplements for Aging

Active Aging Week, an event sponsored by the International Council of Active Aging (ICAA), helps to bring awareness of a holistic approach to growing older. Along with deliberate activity, supplements may also play a significant role in reducing the risks and symptoms of some common age-related, degenerative conditions. While you're

What Is Active Aging Week?

September 21 to 27, 2014 is Active Aging Week. Aging is a complicated process that is quite different for every individual. Not everyone will experience long term, chronic conditions and those that do can do something to mitigate the pain and reduce discomfort. Staying active can help reduce the risk

For Elderly, Loneliness Kills: Three Ways to Stay Connected

Isolation is common in elderly people, who may lose mobility as they age or increasingly seek a mellow life, enjoying their home and the peace it offers after the rigors of youth and middle age. Although making social connections takes extra effort, new research shows how much friendships matter for