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How Anxiety And Stress Can Affect Our Diets

Stress and anxiety can affect all aspects of life but perhaps none more profoundly than how anxiety and stress can affect our diets. For many, a stressful day is peppered with trips to the office ‘fridge or convenience store, ending with a big bowl of ice cream and maybe some chips

Our 10 Favorite Holistic Pain Posts Of The Year

At Holistic Pain we love to research and share information with our readers. It has been a wonderful year at our blog and we want to showcase some of the stories we've posted throughout 2014. 1. The Health Benefits of Volunteering "People who support their favorite causes or organizations by volunteering

Pain Awareness Month: Goals For Those With Chronic Pain

September is Pain Awareness Month, a month that was first established by the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) in 2001. The ACPA and their umbrella organization, Partners for Understanding Pain, established a coalition committed to raising awareness of chronic pain conditions though mass media and public forms. This was also

Medical Apps That Are Changing Healthcare

Mobile technology is changing everything we know about business and industry. Not just relegated to social interaction, mobile apps are influencing the way we apply for jobs, how we communicate with one another, and even affecting our medical care. Consider these statistics: In May of 2013, the Pew Institute noted that

Scientists Discover Natural Stress-Buster

Scientists have uncovered a portion of the brain called the nociceptin system that works to decrease effects of stress. The discovery could hold the key to future medicines targeting disorders related to stress and anxiety. Stress creates changes in the brain on the cellular level, and researchers at The Scripps

Global Initiatives to Treat Mental Health: MiNDbank

Mental health is intrinsically related to public health. More than a quarter of U.S. adults suffer from some type of mental health disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. These disorders range from depression and bipolar to more disabling conditions such as schizophrenia. The common disorders of anxiety