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Alternatives To Opioids And Other Chronic Pain News

From alternatives to opioids to the newest advances in chronic pain research, we covered a wealth of pain information this month on the Holistic Pain blog! Alternatives to opioids, and more If you're looking for alternatives to opioids for treating your chronic pain, this month we recommended that you look

Holistic Treatments For Cancer Pain On World Cancer Day

Every year on February 4th, people around the globe take some time to spread awareness and hope on World Cancer Day. Created to connect people to resources, support, and information, World Cancer Day is a time when citizens come together to bring the challenges and triumphs of a cancer diagnosis

What You Can Do For National Sun Safety Week

The sun is an amazing star. It creates our planet's gravitational pull keeping us from spinning into the atmosphere. It generates heat and light from complex nuclear fusion. It rises and sets with absolute regularity. Cultures across time have honored the healing and life-giving aspects of the fiery sun. But

March Wrap-Up For Holistic Pain

They say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. This is the metaphor we hope to equate with chronic pain and lifestyle changes that can impact your overall quality of life. At Holistic Pain we want to ensure that all of our readers and patients get

Eat This, Not That: Eat Well To Prevent Cancer

Earlier this week we shared some of the foods that both reduce and increase the risk of cancer. Using that information, we thought it would be great to provide some suggestions at the micro level that can help you choose the healthiest foods for snacks or meals to aid in

Eating Right To Reduce Cancer Risk

Did you know that eating the right foods can reduce your risk of developing cancer? Current research shows that a poor diet, as well as a lack of exercise, is a major factor when it comes to developing cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 590,000 people die of

Observing Colon Cancer Awareness Month

There is a culture of silence in our country when it comes to conditions such as colorectal cancer. Unfortunately this silence can kill. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer, not including skin cancer, among both men and women in the United States. It is estimated that in 2015

The Sunshine Vitamin: Vitamin D May Help Cancer Pain

Can sunshine help you live with less pain during treatment for cancer? Not necessarily, but encouraging research shows that patients diagnosed with breast cancer can get relief from joint and muscle pain associated with aromatase-inhibiting chemotherapy drugs by also taking a high dose of vitamin D, otherwise known as “the