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Daisies And Bruises – Bloggers We Love

When we talk about bloggers we love, often the tone is light-hearted and inspirational. We specifically focus on those blogs and bloggers who openly provide a burst of inspiration in their work. It is important that we offer those suffering from depression a ray of hope, a bit of understanding,

Can Cell Phones Cause Depression?

They connect us to more information than we could consume in a thousand lifetimes, make it possible to navigate the globe without a map, and carry all of our money without rattling coins. In many ways, cell phones make our lives faster, easier, and more efficient. But with such widespread

Is Opioid Use Related To Depression?

With opioid prescriptions hitting an all-time high of 207 million in 2013, the possibility that we are experiencing an opioid epidemic in the U.S. is very real. While many people taking opioids under a doctor’s supervision do so carefully and responsibly, an estimated 20 to 60 million of those prescriptions

Get Informed! Treating And Managing Your Back Pain

For the majority of people, managing and treating back pain will require a consistent schedule of proper exercise, nutrition, safe stretches, and improved working techniques. As an Evans Health Lab video points out, 90% of back pain cases will be managed effectively with simple lifestyle changes alone. For others, more interventional pain management

6 Foods That Fight The Blues

Have you ever found yourself so stressed out that the only comfort is gorging chocolate? In fact, there is an entire category of food called comfort food that is designed to provide us with the same comfort we might get from a good friend or a nap. Macaroni and cheese

Our 10 Favorite Holistic Pain Posts Of The Year

At Holistic Pain we love to research and share information with our readers. It has been a wonderful year at our blog and we want to showcase some of the stories we've posted throughout 2014. 1. The Health Benefits of Volunteering "People who support their favorite causes or organizations by volunteering

Pain Awareness Month: Goals For Those With Chronic Pain

September is Pain Awareness Month, a month that was first established by the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) in 2001. The ACPA and their umbrella organization, Partners for Understanding Pain, established a coalition committed to raising awareness of chronic pain conditions though mass media and public forms. This was also

An In-Depth Look Into A New Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain is classified as any pain that lasts more than 3 months. This can be related to an injury that doesn't heal properly and continues to cause pain or a number of degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis. In the case of acute pain that transitions to chronic conditions, pain

How Volunteering Improves Your Mood

Donating time to an organization helps you tap into a cause larger than yourself, build connections with other people, and become increasingly engaged with the surrounding world. All of those factors combine to improve a volunteer’s mental outlook, according to a study conducted by UnitedHealth Group. People may volunteer to

Global Initiatives to Treat Mental Health: MiNDbank

Mental health is intrinsically related to public health. More than a quarter of U.S. adults suffer from some type of mental health disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. These disorders range from depression and bipolar to more disabling conditions such as schizophrenia. The common disorders of anxiety