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Make Some Tails Wag On National Dog Day

National Dog Day is celebrated on August 26th each year, and it’s all about dogs and why they’re wonderful. For dog lovers, there’s no question: dogs enrich our lives and bring us unmeasurable joy and comfort. But it turns out that dogs can have real, measurable benefits on our lives,

Show Your Love During Assistance Dog Week

If you’ve ever come across an assistance dog in a store or on the street, you might have noticed how well-behaved it was. You probably didn’t realize the amount of training, resources, and work that’s gone into making it such a highly-skilled companion. However, as anyone who owns an assistance

You Did What Kind Of Yoga?

Yoga in the air, yoga with a dog, yoga with an illegal substance: could these be real? Not only are they real, but with yoga’s increasing popularity, non-traditional yoga classes such as the ones mentioned are gaining popularity across the country. Below are a few you may not have heard