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14 Ways To Get Your Workout In On The Road

It’s hard to believe it, but the holidays are upon us. This joyful time of year usually comes with delicious food, a disruption in routine, and travel. Not every airport you pass through will be lucky enough to have a yoga room, and time or space may be an issue.

January Wrap-Up For Holistic Pain

At Holistic Pain we have one goal in mind: to help people who suffer from chronic aches and pains find relief through natural solutions. Our team of doctors, including a chiropractor and neuropathic specialist, use our collective knowledge to create products that we feel can benefit our patients. But we

Is High-Intensity Interval Training Right For You?

High-intensity interval training is extremely popular right now. Several franchise businesses have opened up across the country to help eager exercisers with fast, intense workouts that are supposed to have amazing long-term benefits and results. What exactly is high-intensity interval training? Many people think that it is very similar to

Best Fitness Apps To Get 2015 Started Out Right

So you've decided that your New Year's resolution is to get in better shape and stay that way. Fantastic! Now, how can you do that? It is amazing in our 21st century world that we are able to utilize some amazing modern technology, such as fitness apps, to help us

Picking Your New Year’s Resolutions

In our previous post we discussed some of the most common New Year's resolutions and how to better prepare to reach your goal in 2015. While that post was very general about how to achieve your goals in the New Year, we thought we would break down some of the

Sites We Love: The Greatist

And nope, that isn't a typo. While we think it is one of the greatest, we really do mean The Greatist. This website features the tagline, "Being healthy doesn't have to suck." The idea behind The Greatist is that health will mean different things to different people and what it

Exercises You Can Do Everywhere

You don’t have much time. Lunch was a hurried sandwich followed by two meetings and a mad dash to soccer practice. By the end of the day, your back, neck, and shoulders are killing you. You want to exercise but can’t quite figure out where to fit it in to

Preventing Injuries With a Proper Warm-Up and Cool-Down

Most of us think about exercise as the part of the workout where we sweat and gain the most benefit, but this can be a dangerous way to proceed. The most important part of every workout is the warm-up and cool-down, the five to ten minutes before and after each

Body Shape and Mortality Risk

The concept of a body mass index (BMI) has long been the standard for judging whether or not a person is considered healthy, but a new study out of City College of New York’s (CCNY) Grove School of Engineering has shown that a better indicator or risk of mortality may

Defining Holistic Fitness

Fitness is more than simply being able to lift your weight above your head or your chin up over a bar. It is more than running the 5K or the 10K. It goes deeper than a six-pack or sharply defined biceps. To understand what it means to be truly fit,