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Creating With Chronic Pain: Review Of Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert

“My painting carries with it the message of pain.” Frida Kahlo Arguably one of the most famous examples of a creative chronic pain sufferer, Frida Kahlo was involved in a horrific bus accident when she was in her late teens and spent the rest of her life in tremendous pain.

Top 10: Our Favorite Posts from May

Our theme throughout May was to tap into positivity. May is a great month to explore beauty as the season transitions from spring into summer. We spent the month looking into inspiration, resources for living, and research on chronic pain that can help patients. 1. Finding Inspiration Everywhere We started

Catching Kayla Every Day

Kayla Montgomery, from Winston-Salem, North Carolina is, by all appearances, a normal high school student. Her parents described her as an artsy young girl who loved to play dress up. Because she liked to play by herself, they encouraged her to take up team sports and she began to play

Finding Hope And Healing In The Spring

For all cultures since the dawn of civilization spring has meant renewal. After a long winter it is comforting to see the buds on the bare trees and the daffodils heralding the new season even as the snow is still melting. For cities in the Southwest, we don't often recognize

Faces of Pain

Pain can be an isolating experience. However, simply knowing that others are out there who are going through what you are also experiencing can provide great comfort. The Internet has made connections across longer distances more possible than ever before. harnessed the digital age to create Faces of Pain