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Protein Needs For Elderly

Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet, and the protein needs for elderly is particularly important to know. Protein helps us to build muscle and to make hair, blood, connective tissue, antibodies, and enzymes. For most people, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of protein – the basic amount

The Skinny: Fats And Your Diet

It can be hard to believe, but it is true: our bodies need fats to function. This functioning goes beyond just keeping us warm in the winter. Fats also help with cell growth, organ function, nutrient absorption, and hormone production and regulation. They are an important source of energy that

Bloggers We Love: Authentically Emmie

Fitspiration. Body positivity. Thin shaming. Fat shaming. Thinspiration. The words we use are powerful. They affect every aspect of our relationship to ourselves and the world we live in. Most weight-loss blogs focus on just one part of a weight-loss journey: losing weight. But consider some synonyms for losing weight

10 Best Healthy Eating Food Blogs

Foods blogs have taken the art of food to an entirely new level. In generations past, people had to watch Julia Child on TV or go out to a gourmet restaurant if they wanted to experience the refined food. Today celebrity chefs are all over the television screen and in

National Eating Healthy Day

November 5, 2014 is National Eating Healthy Day as established by the American Heart Association. The day was created to help schools, businesses, individuals, and families make smarter and healthier choices by providing an easy-to-use toolkit. By celebrating National Eating Healthy Day, you can kickstart a lifelong change in your

Recipe: Lemon Pepper Roasted Chicken With Fennel, Leeks, And Onions

Roasting a chicken in its own juices, alongside vegetables, is an excellent way to make a diabetic-friendly dinner. For an even healthier plate, remove the skin from the chicken before serving, or use this technique to cook skinless chicken or turkey breasts for a lesser time (the vegetables will still

2014 Food Trends: Benefits For Pain Relief

In April of this year, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) published an article on 2014 food trends that are influencing not only our cuisine but also our health. These trends, rather than specific foods, are influencing the way we eat and how we get access to nutrition. Contributing Editor

Recipe: Fresh Lemon And Herb Potato Salad

Did you know that August 19th is National Potato Day? Believe it or not, it is! What better way to celebrate than by making a potato dish that is both tasty and healthy? This is a take on a traditional French potato salad, in that it uses vinaigrette instead of

Recipe: Spicy Mixed Berry Salsa

It’s important to replenish the fluid in your body after a workout and eating something with berries in it is a great way to do just that! Berries contain high amounts of water, as well as good-for-you carbohydrates that will give you an energy boost after strenuous exercise. Additionally, strawberries,

Recipe: Watermelon and Mint Smash

Maintaining a healthy level of hydration is important to the body on so many levels. When water and important electrolytes are lost, normal functioning can be compromised. If this happens, one of the most common symptoms is a painful, recurring headache. The easiest way to combat this symptom is to