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Alternatives To Opioids And Other Chronic Pain News

From alternatives to opioids to the newest advances in chronic pain research, we covered a wealth of pain information this month on the Holistic Pain blog! Alternatives to opioids, and more If you're looking for alternatives to opioids for treating your chronic pain, this month we recommended that you look

How Pharmacies Can Fight Overuse Of Opioids

TV and news stories about opioid overuse and misuse seem to be increasingly common. Additionally, the number of prescriptions written for opioid medications is increasing, although the rate of successful pain treatment from them has remained unchanged. Reversing this trend will require some serious changes for everyone involved, from patients

Confusion About Painkillers Largest Danger To Use

While the dangers of opioid dependence are well-documented, there has been less attention paid to what, specifically, is behind the rise in opioid use and abuse. Many patients who utilize prescription opioids for either acute or chronic pain management did so at the recommendation of a trusted physician. How does

Is Opioid Use Related To Depression?

With opioid prescriptions hitting an all-time high of 207 million in 2013, the possibility that we are experiencing an opioid epidemic in the U.S. is very real. While many people taking opioids under a doctor’s supervision do so carefully and responsibly, an estimated 20 to 60 million of those prescriptions

Teenage Use Of Opioids For Chronic Pain Poses Big Risks

A surprisingly high number of children and adolescents live with chronic pain, with numbers ranging from 20 to 35%, according to the American Pain Society (APS). The most common conditions appearing among these youth include headaches, musculoskeletal pain, and stomach pain. This population has special needs, and medications may react

6 Ways To Practice Medication Safety

Medication safety is a very important issue. Especially if you take a variety of medications for multiple conditions, there may be interaction issues that can not only reduce the efficacy of one of the medications but actually cause dangerous side effects. It is essential that anyone who takes more than

Recent Research On Prescription Painkillers

Advancements in science, research, and technology are always astounding. Who would have thought 20 years ago that handheld computing devices would be as prevalent as they are today? The same is true in the medical industry as new information is learned each and every day that can help millions of

Managing Opioid Use And Preventing Abuse

The history of opioid medications has been rocky at best. Our nation has lost many young artists to opiate addictions, including Edgar Allen Poe and Janis Joplin. Today, versions of these narcotic drugs are prescribed in the United States for a variety of reasons but, at the same time, issues