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Get Informed! Treating And Managing Your Back Pain

For the majority of people, managing and treating back pain will require a consistent schedule of proper exercise, nutrition, safe stretches, and improved working techniques. As an Evans Health Lab video points out, 90% of back pain cases will be managed effectively with simple lifestyle changes alone. For others, more interventional pain management

Causes And Risk Factors For Scoliosis

Scoliosis is the most common malformation of the spine, affecting between two and three percent of people in the U.S. by age 16. Instead of continuing to extend vertically as a person grows, the spine begins to curve laterally in one of two ways, either as a C-shape with one

Devices for Back Pain

Back pain can develop and worsen for a number of reasons, including injury, accident, or as a result of another disease. Part of the treatment for back pain may include a number of devices such as braces, orthotics, and implants. Devices for back pain are most often braces that are