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Bloggers We Love: Bitter-Sweet Diabetes

It seems incongruous to associate sweets with diabetes. After all, sweets may be a thing of the past when diagnosed with diabetes. One blogger somehow manages to take the bitterness of a diabetes diagnosis and make it just a little more palatable with humor, candor, and a ton of information.

Sites We Love: The Greatist

And nope, that isn't a typo. While we think it is one of the greatest, we really do mean The Greatist. This website features the tagline, "Being healthy doesn't have to suck." The idea behind The Greatist is that health will mean different things to different people and what it

Sites We Love: Deliciously Organic

At Holistic Pain, we like to refer our readers to other resources that can help them lead more balanced lives. One of our favorite food blogs is Deliciously Organic. The site was started by Carrie who struggled with her own pain issues and used a balanced diet to restore her