Our theme throughout May was to tap into positivity. May is a great month to explore beauty as the season transitions from spring into summer. We spent the month looking into inspiration, resources for living, and research on chronic pain that can help patients.

1. Finding Inspiration Everywhere

We started the month by talking about inspiration and how it can help you keep a positive mindset even when facing the adversity of chronic pain. We looked at several things you can access on a daily basis that can provide inspiration, whether through images, stories, or nature.

We encourage you to start an inspirational board on Pinterest or follow inspirational people on Instagram. We hope you will check out some inspirational biographies to add to your library. You can look to the stories of celebrities who are dealing with the effects of chronic pain. The recent movie Cake can also provide a look at the emotional roller-coaster life can be with pain. We also suggest that community involvement can help inspire you.

2. Catching Kayla Every Day

Next, we looked at the life of a young woman in North Carolina whose story about running in spite of her pain condition is nothing short of miraculous. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Kayla discovered that running was her refuge and even though it was physically demanding, she excelled at it. She began to compete at the highest levels. The story is also very much about her coach who not only believed in her ability but became a physical representation of her strength and courage. We believe that Kayla’s story is inspirational and we hope you see the same potential in yourselves, regardless of your limitations.

3. Create Beauty Around You

Of course, not all inspiration has to come from people or from outside sources. In this post, we discuss some of the ways you can create beauty in your own home to inspire you every day. We provide some easy do-it-yourself inspirational projects including websites, mood boards, music, aromatherapy, flowers, art therapy, room redecorating, and meditation. You can use any or all of these things to create a space in your own home that can help you feel relaxed and inspired each and every day.

4. Celebrating National Nurses Week

In another positive May article, we looked at the observation of National Nurses Week as a time to say thank you for the caretakers who make your life easier and better overall. We reviewed the history of the event as well as provided several ideas for you to use when thanking your nurses. We suggest giving them personalized thank you notes, treats, gift cards, practical and impractical gifts, opportunities for self-care, and personal invitations. It is important to remember how stressful nursing can be and to thank those who make these sacrifices to improve the lives of others.

5. Why You Should Be Traveling

This May, we also explored some of the reasons that traveling can expand your mind and give you a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration. While some people are concerned that they can’t travel while also dealing with the effects of chronic pain, we provide practical ideas to help with the experience. We also look into the many benefits that traveling can give that can last a lifetime. The journey of self-discovery and the ability to make memories are just a couple of the experiences you can have while traveling. We highly encourage everyone to consider the places, even nearby, that they’ve always wanted to see and plan an adventure.

6. When Quitting Actually Works

While it might not seem positive to encourage you to quit your job, our May post on job stress was intended to give you the tools you need to make a profound change in your own life. We looked at some of the challenges and resources for workers who live with chronic pain. We also looked at the way stress impacts pain and can exacerbate and existing condition or even cause a new one. We also want to encourage our readers to take chances that could pay off in the future and provide a better quality of life overall.

7. Aging In Community

Another question on the mind of many of our readers is, “who is going to take care of me when I’m older?” We wanted to provide positive and practical advice this May that can help people start now to prepare for the future as they age. Aging in community offers the ability to rely on human relationships and like-minded goals to create an accessible and comfortable life for each of us in our later years. We shared information about several prominent people within the movement as well as resources to get started.

8. Accessible Architecture

Not only is it important to consider who might be able to take care of us as we age but also how our own environments will need to be changed to become more accessible. For many people dealing with chronic pain conditions there are several aspects of traditional architecture and design that can create a challenge. Here we looked at some of the history of accessible architecture as well as ways you can enhance your home for now and the future.

9. New Research Into Pain

Science is a supremely fascinating subject especially when it comes to the human body. We do like to occasionally round up some of the most recent scientific studies that help us better understand pain and how we can change our approach to treatments. In this May post we looked at several studies including one on the emotional response to pain and how treating and blocking inflammation could actually be causing problems for some patients.

10. Top 10 Facts About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Finally, we took a closer look at the condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome during May. We reviewed some of the past posts from our Pain Doctor family of blogs and recapped some of the most important information about the condition. We provided facts that can help people better cope with this condition in their daily lives.

What were your favorite posts from May?

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