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Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

At the turn of every new year, nearly half of all people in the U.S. make New Year’s resolutions, eagerly grasping the chance for self-improvement to make the coming 12 months the best yet.

Take a look at the top ten New Year’s resolutions made by hopeful folks the world over.

1. Lose weight

Those extra pounds creep on over the years, don’t they? Especially after all the delicious indulgences over holiday festivities, losing weight may seem a winning proposition.

2. Quit smoking

No doubt about it, inhaling cigarette smoke kills. Shedding this lethal habit ranks among the top New Year’s resolutions, even if many fail. 60% of smokers require multiple attempts before finally abandoning the habit, according to the American Lung Association (ALA). If you’re trying to quit, this could be the year.

3. Pay down debt

Securing your financial future by paying down your credit card bills or loans can reduce stress and improve your chances for a comfortable retirement. Plus, think about all that interest you’ll save.

4. Improve work and life balance

Work easily overtakes time for family, hobbies, and even working out if you’re not careful. Whether imposing boundaries makes you fear losing your job or you’re just a workaholic, making sure you take enough time off saves your sanity and improves your relationships.

5. Travel

We’re alive for only a blip of time on this big, varied, and wonderful planet of ours. All too often, our daily routines absorb us and we forget to carve out time and money for memorable experiences like traveling.

6. Develop a new skill

Always wanted to learn the guitar? Spanish? If you’re targeting the New Year as a good time to learn a new talent, you’re not alone.

7. Find a new job/get promoted

The start of a new year provides a poignant reminder of passing time. That jolt can intensify desires to pursue long-held, latent ambitions or apply for that dream job.

8. Read more

If Anna Karenina has been collecting dust on your shelf just waiting for you to turn her pages, this year might finally be the one. And hey, if you’re stuck inside while snow covers the ground, you might as well take advantage and check this New Year’s resolution off your list.

9. Volunteer

The holidays tend to induce warm, fuzzy feelings for one’s compatriots, especially those less privileged. Deciding to spread that compassion year round and volunteer is another top New Year’s resolution.

10. Curb social media time

With new social media networks constantly coming out, just begging for our attention, it’s easy to blow hours skimming Facebook feeds and then wonder where the time went. Taking time from social networks and spending it on some of those other life goals rounds out this list of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions.

What is your New Year’s resolution?

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